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Buy ventolin albuterol online and first signs of asthma

Asthma is a chronic disease, the basis of this disease – non-infectious inflammation in the airways. Development of asthma contribute to both external and internal factors irritable. For a number of external factors are a variety of allergens, as well as chemical, mechanical and weather factors. To this list can be attributed to stress, and physical overload. The most common factor is allergic to dust.The internal factors of asthma include defects of the endocrine and immune system, as may be the cause of bronchial reactivity and sensitivity to rejection, it may be of hereditary character.Bronchial asthma – a disease of the bronchial tree inflammatory immuno-allergic nature, characterized by chronic, paroxysmal over in the form of bronchial obstruction and suffocation. This disease has become a really serious problem of society as different progressive course. It is very hard to cure buy ventolin albuterol online completely.Inflammation of the bronchi in asthma is characterized by a strict specificity in comparison with other types of inflammatory processes of the locale. Its pathogenesis is based on an allergic component to the background, available in the body, the immune imbalance. This feature explains the disease paroxysmal its course.

To base an allergic component joins a host of other factors that give it the characteristics of asthma:

Smooth muscle hyperreactivity bronchial wall components. Any irritant effect on the mucous membrane of the bronchi end bronchospasm;Certain environmental factors can cause massive release of inflammatory mediators and allergy exclusively within the bronchial tree. Common allergic reactions when it never occurs;The main manifestation is an inflammatory mucosal edema. This feature in asthma leads to the aggravation of the violation of the bronchi permeability;Lean slizeobrazovanie. Asthma attacks in bronchial asthma is characterized by the absence of sputum by coughing or its scarcity;It affects mainly medium and small bronchi, devoid of cartilage skeleton;Be sure there is a pathological transformation of lung tissue to the damage of its ventilation;There are several stages of this disease, which are based on the reversibility of airflow obstruction and the frequency of asthma attacks. The more they are frequent and long lasting, the higher the stage.

In the diagnosis of asthma, they meet under such names:

Easy for or periodical;To moderate or mild degree of persistence;Severe or moderate persistence;It is hard for or severe persistent asthma.On the basis of these data asthma can be characterized as sluggish chronic inflammatory process in the bronchi, based exacerbations is suddenly developing an attack of bronchial obstruction with suffocation by the type of allergic reaction to irritating environmental factors. In the initial stages of the process, these attacks occur quickly and just as quickly cease. Since they are becoming more frequent and less sensitive to the treatment over time.

The first signs of asthma

The success of the treatment of asthma is often determined by the timely detection of the disease.

To these symptoms are early signs of the disease:

Shortness of breath or choking. They arise as to the background of well-being and peace at night and during exercise, stay under the inhalation of polluted air, smoke, ambient dust and pollen of flowering plants, the change of temperature. The main thing – it is their surprise attack on the type;Cough. Typical for an asthmatic attack is considered to be a dry type. It occurs simultaneously with shortness of breath and is characterized by hacking. The patient, as if he wants something to cough, but can not do it. Only at the end of the attack cough can acquire the wet character, accompanied by a discharge of the meager amount of clear sputum mucous type;Frequent shallow breathing with lengthening the exhalation. During the attack of asthma patients complain not so much on the difficulty of inspiration as to the impossibility of a full exhalation, which becomes longer and requires more effort to implement it;Rattling breathing. They are always dry by whistling type. In some cases, remote and can listen to them at a distance from the patient. Auscultation they heard even better;The typical position of the patient during an attack. In medicine, this pose is called orthopnea. At the same time, patients sit down, dropping his feet firmly grasping hold of the bed. Such auxiliary fixing limb musculature helps in realizing the chest exhalation.

Other asthma symptoms

Bronchial asthma of any severity in the initial stages of its development does not cause common disorders in the body. But over time, they will occur, which is manifested in the form of symptoms:General weakness and malaise. During the attack, none of the patients unable to perform any active movement, since they enhance the respiratory failure. All that remains is a patient – to take position orthopnea. In between attacks of asthma with mild endurance exercise capacity of patients is not compromised. The more severe the disease, the more pronounced these violations;Acrocyanosis and diffuse skin cyanosis. These symptoms are characterized by severe asthma and talk about the progression of respiratory failure in the body;Tachycardia. During the attack, the number of heart rate increases to 120-130 beats / min. In the interictal period in severe and moderately severe asthma is maintained slight tachycardia within 90 beats / min;Dystrophic nail changes in the form of protrusions on the type of watch glasses and distal phalanges of the finger in the form of a thickening of the type of drumsticks;Symptoms of pulmonary emphysema. This condition is typical of asthma with long experience of the disease, or severe. It manifested in the form of expansion of the chest to the extent supraclavicular bulging areas of expansion percussion lung boundaries, easing breathing on auscultation;Symptoms of pulmonary heart. Characterized by severe asthma, which led to pulmonary hypertension in a small circle. As a result – increase of the heart due to right chambers, the focus of the second tone over the pulmonary artery valve;Headache and dizziness. They belong to the symptoms of respiratory distress in asthma;Addiction to various diseases and allergic reactions (rhinitis, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema);The reasons for which the small bronchi acquire increased irritability, very much. Some of them act as background states that support inflammation and allergy, and some directly provoke an asthma attack. Each patient is individually.Hereditary predisposition. People with asthma have an increased risk of this disease in their children. Family history medical history indicated a third of patients with asthma. This kind of disease is atopic character. It is very hard to trace the factors that trigger asthma attacks. This asthma can develop at any age, as a child and adult.Factors from the group of occupational hazards. Authentically recorded increase in the incidence of asthma cases, as a result of exposure to harmful factors. It can be hot or cold air, its pollution of various small dust particles, chemicals and vapors.Chronic bronchitis, infections. Viral and bacterial pathogens that cause inflammation in the bronchial mucosa, can provoke an increase in reactivity of the smooth muscle components. Evidence of this are the cases of asthma, bronchitis occurring against the backdrop of a long passage, especially with signs of bronchial obstruction.The quality of the inhaled air and environmental conditions. Residents of countries with a dry climate and the rural population gets sick much less often than people in industrial countries and regions with humid and cold climates.Smoking as a cause of asthma. Regular inhalation of tobacco smoke leads to inflammatory changes in the mucous membrane of the bronchial tree. Therefore, every smoker is ill with chronic bronchitis. In some of them the process is transformed into bronchial asthma. Smoking can act as a factor that maintains a constant inflammatory process and, as a provocateur of each attack.

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