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Dowsing Shamanism Tantra Yoga Courses & Holidays Ireland
Information on shamanism, holistic healing, tantra yoga, dowsing, divining and shamanic land practices in Ireland - including courses, holidays and sacred site guided tours. Run by Joe Mullally

The Academy For Healing Arts
Its purpose is to establish a criteria and a means for people to learn healing modalities to use on themselves and on others.

Graduate Medical Course Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine
Medical Course Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine - Western Australia for your new career in natural medicine - courses in acupuncture, herbal medicine, aroma therapy, homeopathy, massage

Alternative Healing Connection
The Alternative Healing Connection offers seminars in the healing arts.

Institute of Natural Sciences
correspondence courses in alternative health, counseling, self improvement, beauty therapy, management studies, sports, fitness, stress management, yoga, general interest.

Doctor Jay Sandweiss Homepage - Integrative Medicine
The Home Page for Dr. Jay Sandweiss D.O. Find information about acupuncture and manual medicine, applied nutrition, and osteopathic manipulation. Featuring Real Audio clips of Dr. Jays Integrative Medicine Hour Radio Show. Participate in discussion forums and search through on-line articles.

Natures Way Herbal Health Institute
To promote better health, to advance the understanding and knowledge of the practice of Herbalism and to support its acceptance as an authentic natural healing practice by mainstream society through Herbal Therapeutics.

Lawrence Galante s Center for Holistic Arts
The Center for Holistic Arts offers and promotes courses by Lawrence Galante and others in the subjects of Homeopathy, Hypnosis, Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung, Kung Fu, and Polarity Therapy.

The Canadian Academy of Homeopathy - Main
Features home-study video courses in Hahnemannian homeopathy for health care professionals, taught by Andre Saine N.D.

Pacific Academy of Homeopathy - A School for Education in Homeopathic Medicine
The Pacific Academy has one of the most established homeopathic training programs in North America. The academy seeks to develop homeopathy as an integral part of the modern health care movement and to bring the awareness of the benefits of homeopathy to everyone. Graduates of the academy practice homeopathy throughout the USA and the faculty at the school are renowned practitioners of homeopathy known throughout the homeopathic community.

- London School of Classical Homeopathy -
- London School of Classical Homeopathy -

Natural Healing and Compementary Therapies - Malindi Natural Healing and Teaching
Healing retreat situated in the beautiful Carmarthenshire Countryside West Wales. The malindi natural healing centre offers Courses, workshops, seminars and individual holistic treatments in a variety natural therapies

Minerva Educational Center
Educational courses and corporate seminars at on aromatherapy, healing touch, therapeutic touch, relexology. Counceling services and on-line educational courses.

Simcoe Natural Health Clinic & Educational Centre
Canadian holistic centre provides weekly workshops and certification courses, on site naturopathic and traditional chinese doctors, spa services and arts programs. View our newsletter and course calendar.

Reiki Center of Venice
The (AADP)-American Association of Drugless Practitioners Certification & Accreditation Board has granted the Reiki Center of Venice full board professional accreditation and certification.

Body language learning with Charlie Badenhop
The body language (somatic language) is as refined as the verbal language you speak and forms the basis of your intuition.

Cambridge Essential Health Center, A Healthy Body is Nature s Cure
Ancient Essentials the key to a better life is in the past.

Stonebridge distance learning in business, management, and holistic health
Stonebridge offer open distance learning correspondence courses and study in holistic health; also business, marketing and management skills; and specialist business. Courses on counselling, stress, homeopathy, massage, psychotherapy, diet and nutrition, sports therapies, and many others. General and specialist business and management skills.

The Lakeland College
Fireworks Splice HTML The Lakeland College of Homeopathy training for all levels of interest in homeopathic medicine. Based in Kendal in the Lake District with colleges in London, Edinburgh and Ambleside.

Espacio & Espacio time
An institute for holistic living and integration of awareness in your everyday life.

Massage Therapy
Massage therapy course online

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