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Today, almost every third person snores, which means that the problem of snoring affects almost every family. In order to save snorers and their involuntary listeners from sleep disturbance, Russian scientists have created a fundamentally new remedy for snoring – EXTRA-LOR.
Unlike other intraoral devices, EXTRA-ENT does not require “adjustment” to the structure of the patient’s jaws, it is inexpensive, sold without a prescription in ordinary pharmacies in Moscow, and has a positive effect on 65% of snorers.

Who will benefit from the device against snoring EXTRA-LOR and to whom it is contraindicated

The EXTRA-LOR anti-snoring device can be used not only in snorers, but also in patients with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (respiratory arrest syndrome during sleep), for whom many treatments that are effective for uncomplicated snoring are contraindicated.
In a clinical study, it was proven that the Extra-Lor device improved breathing function in many people with sleep apnea syndrome in the first and second stages of the disease, in the rest it did not give any significant positive or negative effects. Currently, the EXTRA-LOR snoring remedy has only two contraindications are severe sleep apnea and impaired nasal breathing.

The principle of action of Extra-lore from snoring

Unlike other intraoral devices that push the lower jaw forward, the principle of operation of the device against snoring EXTRA-LOR is different.
It is inserted into the mouth like a baby’s nipple. The bowl-shaped element fixes the tongue in a position in which its vibration and the vibration of the walls of the pharynx during sleep are practically absent. In addition, the EXTRA-LOR anti-snoring remedy slightly presses on the tongue and causes a reflex tension of its muscles and the muscles of the upper respiratory tract. All this leads to the fact that the walls of the pharynx retain their tone during sleep, and snoring disappears.

The best treatment for snoring is the one your doctor recommends.

Buying a device in Moscow is easy: you can find it in many online pharmacies. But if you do not want to self-medicate, but prefer to entrust your health to specialists, we are waiting for you at the Department of Sleep Medicine at the Rehabilitation Clinic in Khamovniki. A detailed examination will help to establish the exact cause of your snoring and choose a really effective and at the same time not hazardous to health treatment. It is quite possible that one of its components will be the use of EXTRA-ENT from snoring.

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