DRUG THERAPY OF DEPRESSION - medication for depression

Preparations for the treatment of depression, used in modern medicine, reflect the current understanding of the role and place of the so-called neurotransmitters - chemicals that allow transmission of nerve impulses between neurons in the brain. Since the "work" of the nervous system is not a neurotransmitter involved then use various drugs to restore their functions.

What medications to take for depression?

The main group of drugs for the treatment of depressive disorders - antidepressants. Under the influence of their component substances are mood correction inherent to individual rules, to stabilize the emotional background, decreases anxiety and anxiety, eliminates confusion, increased motor and mental activity. A full range of effects achieved conventionally called "timolepticheskoe action." At present, there are several groups of antidepressants, different in composition and mechanism of action (stimulating and soothing).

Antidepressants for depression - namely those drugs-rescuers, can facilitate, eliminate and prevent the disease. Prior to the discovery of this group of drugs for the treatment of disorders are actively using drugs with stimulant effect, which can cause a "melancholic" state of euphoria. These stimulants were opium and other opiates, caffeine, ginseng. Along with them to reduce the excitability and anxiety relief applied salt bromine, valerian, lemon balm, motherwort.

The opening of the 50-ies of antidepressants has been a real revolution in psychopharmacology. And already more than half a century, these drugs - "authoritative" effective medications for depression. The first cure for depression was "discovered" by accident when izoproniazida - drug used in treatment of tuberculosis, was discovered an unusual side effect. Patients who took izoproniazid, noted an unusually good mood, a state of ease and pleasure. Soon this became a medicine used to treat depressive disorders. Around the same time in the course of experiments with various substances it was discovered by German physician imipramine, which also improves mood and get rid of the blues. Unlike izoproniazida, imipramine is still present in the list of WHO's official drugs and most recently was the most popular and selling antidepressant.

How to "save" pills for depression?

Appointment of antidepressants - to correct irregularities in the specific brain mechanisms. To date, allocated 30 chemical messengers - neurotransmitters, whose task is to transfer information from one neuron to another. Directly related to depressive disorders are three neurotransmitter - biogenic amines: norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin. Tablets against depression regulate necessary level of concentration of one or more mediators, thereby correcting the disturbed by disease mechanisms of the brain.

Dangerous if drugs against depression?

In the post-Soviet environment there is a perception that the tablets against the depression, harmful and addictive. The answer is unequivocal: anti-depressants, used today in psychopharmacology are not addictive, regardless of the duration of their admission. Their task - to help the body recover from depression disturbed mechanisms. Drugs for depression are able to "reconstruct" the broken disease inner peace and return the person to his usual activity and vigor.

When people start acting drugs for depression and stress?

The action of antidepressants is not immediate. As a rule, the time between the start of their reception and the emergence of a positive effect takes place at least two weeks, although some patients notice a positive change in mood after one week.

What pills help for depression?

An important point in the choice of the drug - the name of the antidepressant. For example, one and the same medicine in the domestic market can be represented by a dozen pharmaceutical companies. That is, the drug with the same active substance 10 is sold under different names. The cheapest are the domestic drugs for depression and stress and countries produce tablets with cheap labor. Their drawback - they often have a large number of side effects. Drugs produced by Western pharmaceutical companies - more expensive, but their therapeutic effects - better, but the side effects are much less.

How to take drugs?

Antidepressants should be done every day, preferably at a certain time. Number of rounds and time depend on the action exerted by the drug. For example, antidepressants with sedative effect is recommended to take before bedtime. Tablets are designed to increase activity, taking in the morning.

What used antidepressants for depression?

Tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs) - the earliest development of pharmacists. Drugs in this group increased brain norepinephrine and serotonin content by reducing the absorption of neurotransmitters neurons. The drugs in this group can be a sedative or stimulating. Truly antidepressant effect occurs on average 3 weeks after the beginning of the reception, and stable results are achieved only after several months of treatment. Since the data block antidepressants and other mediators, they provoke a considerable range of negative side effects. Note that an overdose of drugs of this group can lead to serious consequences, including death. Currently, psychiatrists are trying to reduce the purpose of these "representatives" of the last generation.

Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) As a general rule, prescribe MAOIs for patients who have not began to improve after treatment tricyclic antidepressants. These drugs are used for atypical depression - disease, some symptoms of which differ from the typical manifestations of depression. Since MAOIs have not soothing and pronounced stimulating effect, we recommend taking them to treat minor depression - dysthymia. The drugs block the action of the enzyme monoamine oxidase, which is contained in the nerve endings. This material destroys norepinephrine and serotonin, which affect mood.

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) - a later class of drugs, which has become popular due to the minimum number of side effects, significantly lower than the previous two groups of antidepressants. The action of SSRIs is based on the stimulation of the brain supply of serotonin, which regulates mood. Inhibitors block the reuptake of serotonin in the synapse, thereby achieving an increase in the concentration of the neurotransmitter. Drugs are easy to use and do not lead to an overdose. SSRIs are used not only to deal with depressive disorders. They are designed to deal with other unpleasant problems, such as overeating. SSRIs should not be administered to patients bipolar depression, because they can cause a manic state. The drugs not recommended for patients with liver disease, because in that body come biochemical transformation inhibitors. You also need to remember that this group of drugs may adversely affect erectile function.

There are also antidepressants that do not fall into any of the three previous groups as different, and the mechanism of action and chemical composition.

Melatoninergic antidepressants - the latest achievement of psychopharmacological science. On the only drug in this class are now represented on the Russian market, it is Agomelatine (Melitor). Means capable of influencing simultaneously on three types of receptors that are responsible for regulating the body's biological rhythms. The drug is already after 7 days of therapy normalizes sleep and daily activity, reduces anxiety, restores.

Treatment of depression with antidepressants: Selection Criteria.

The choice of the drug - the most crucial aspect of treatment. She has to deal only with a doctor. In the appointment of an antidepressant should be considered: the patient's age, individual susceptibility to psychopharmacological drugs, severity of depression, the effects of previous treatment, concomitant medical condition, are taking medication.

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