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Are you worried about snoring?

Are you worried about snoring ? It is possible to get rid of it! Depending on what form of snoring a person has, various remedies are used to treat it.   

Advertising claims that in all cases, snoring is helped by a special operation on the soft palate, tongue and / or tonsils. A lot of ENT clinics provide such services. The intervention can be performed using a laser , a conventional scalpel, or in the most modern way – using a radio frequency scalpel. However, before deciding on the manipulation, it is imperative to undergo a consultation with a somnologist and a night sleep examination. This will help, firstly, to confirm the feasibility of the operation (for snoring may be the reasons, decide that ENT surgery is not possible), and secondly, to exclude the presence of the patient’s obstructive sleep apnea sleep (complicated form of snoring, accompanied by breathing during sleep stops) … With apnea syndrome, surgery is practically ineffective.       

Watch an educational video on the causes of sleep snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

Snoring can also be treated with medication. They include various emollient, anti-inflammatory, local tonic, antiseptic components. Snoring remedies (Asonor, Doctor Sleep ex, Sleepex, Silence) are sold in tablets or sprays. Alas, they only help in some cases of uncomplicated snoring.   

What else can you use if you have uncomplicated snoring? Various intraoral applicators. In 65% of cases with “simple” snoring, the EXTRALOR product helps . The device resembles a baby pacifier with a cup-shaped petal at the end that touches the tip of the tongue. Extralor puts pressure on the tongue and reflexively causes tension in the muscles of the upper respiratory tract. This keeps them toned during sleep and allows the patient to breathe freely throughout the night. The product is freely sold in pharmacies, and everyone can use it on their own.    

Snoring is common when the lower jaw is small and pushed back. The remedy in this case is a special applicator, reminiscent of a boxer’s mouthpiece. The mechanism of action of such mouth guards for snoring is forward displacement of the lower jaw and, accordingly, an increase in the anterior-posterior size of the pharynx.  

The snoring bracelet in the form of a wristwatch is widely available on the Internet. According to the developers, it is “an effective and inexpensive device that allows you to get rid of snoring without the use of drugs and surgery.” The bracelet has sound sensors that detect snoring, and electrodes that emit light electrical discharges. When snoring sounds, the bracelet reacts to the noise, “hitting” the person with an electric current. This causes an incomplete awakening of the brain and an increase in the tone of the muscles of the airways, which stops snoring. Alas, the use of the bracelet contributes to the disturbance of the sleep structure. In addition, this device does not in any way relieve respiratory arrest during sleep and complications associated with this disease.      

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