Sleep disorders

Drug addiction to sleeping pills

A number of sleep disorders are accompanied by the need to use hypnotics and sedatives. Long-term use of these drugs and their use not according to indications can lead to the formation of dependence.

Complaints of dependence on sleeping pills are most often heard from the elderly or middle-aged people who cannot sleep without a daily dose of medication. Usually in these cases, dependence on medications develops relatively slowly – over 1-2 years.

Signs of drug addiction

Drug dependence on sleeping pills and sedatives is manifested by the need for their regular intake. Its main features are:

  • mental dependence, often accompanied by an active search for a drug, the need to have it at hand all the time;
  • physical addiction.

One of the signs of the formed dependence on sleeping pills is their intake not only in the evening, but also in the daytime.


In the presence of sleep disorders, in particular, insomnia, it is not recommended to immediately solve the problem by taking sleeping pills. You should consult a doctor, a specialized medical institution dealing with sleep problems. You will definitely be helped to cope with drug addiction at the Center for Sleep Medicine at the Rehabilitation Clinic in Khamovniki; there you can go to get adequate treatment for insomnia.

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