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Snoring is a sound phenomenon that occurs when the soft structures of the pharynx bump against each other during the passage of air through the narrowed airways. Science claims that one in five people on the planet snores constantly after 30 years. Snoring is usually perceived as an unpleasant and harmless sound phenomenon.

Snoring is one of the most unique symptoms of the disease, which bothers everyone around, except for the snorer himself. Therefore, snoring can be assigned the status of a social problem. Snoring is caused by anatomical abnormalities that narrow the airways:  

– curvature of the nasal septum;

– polyps in the nose;

– congenital narrowness of the nasal passages or pharynx;

– long palatine uvula;

– malocclusion;

– enlarged tonsils;

– obesity.

Those who snore heavily in their sleep face problems such as fatigue, impaired attention, and sometimes arrhythmia. Holding your breath during sleep also negatively affects the body’s sugar metabolism. When breathing is impaired, the glucose tolerance indicator sometimes reaches a critical level. Professional treatment in sleep labs can help people who snore heavily at night.

Snoring, of course, is a nightly anxiety for every family, or rather the non-snoring part of it. There is the most famous way to eliminate this problem. It is necessary to turn the snorer from his back to his side or stomach. However, many have found in practice that this method is not effective enough. The snorer snores anyway.

The snoring mechanism is simple. In a person lying on his back, the depth of breathing increases and the mouth opens. Occurs by hyperventilation of the lungs. It sets in motion the soft structures of the pharynx. Causes a narrowing of the airways. As a result, you hear sounds called snoring. Snoring is a sign of excess pulmonary ventilation.

In a sleep laboratory, snoring can be treated. Treatment is aimed at bringing the basic parameters of the respiratory function back to normal. Specialists eliminate hyperventilation of the body. The complete elimination of snoring ensures that there is no apnea. 

Remember, snoring and sleep apnea make life worse. If your loved ones hinted at your snoring, seek immediate medical attention. Allegedly harmless snoring can be the cause of a number of diseases: obesity, impotence, arterial hypertension, heart rhythm disturbances, stroke, myocardial infarction. Currently, the latest methods of diagnosing and treating snoring are being used. In some countries, snoring is even cured by singing.

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