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Snoring remedies

A large number of different remedies and methods have been proposed against snoring  

The simplest snoring remedy for some people is not to sleep on their backs. To do this, just sew a pocket on the back of your nightwear and put a tennis ball in it. This ball will prevent the sleeper from rolling over onto his back, and snoring, if its appearance depends on the position of the body, will stop. For some time, a person sleeping with such a “device” will experience discomfort, wake up when trying to roll over onto his back, but after 2-3 weeks he will develop a persistent conditioned reflex not to sleep on his back. The long-awaited silence will come in the bedroom.  

An intraoral device EXTRA-ENT , developed by domestic scientists in 1997, can also be used against snoring . This device is freely available in pharmacies. It resembles a baby pacifier with an extra petal at the end and is quite effective for uncomplicated snoring. Adaptation to a foreign object also takes some time, but in the future, no discomfort arises. Another advantage of this anti-snoring device is its low cost.   

A simple remedy for snoring is to gargle with a little olive oil before bed. It is mainly effective in smokers. Olive oil has a lubricating effect, removes chemical components of tobacco smoke from the back of the pharynx and uvula , which have an irritating effect on mucous membranes.   

A special set of exercises for the muscles of the soft palate, pharynx, tongue can also be used against snoring.  

If your snoring is accompanied by pauses in breathing during sleep , which others tell you about, if you experience insurmountable sleepiness during the day, if you need a lot of time to get enough sleep, then CPAP therapy will be a remedy for snoring – using a special apparatus to create constant positive pressure in the respiratory tract.   

The device constantly injects air into the respiratory tract, preventing them from collapsing and vibrating. Under the influence of treatment, snoring and respiratory arrest during sleep disappear. This anti-snoring technique has been used in the West since 1985, in Russia since 1995. Thousands of patients have solved their problems, improved the quality of sleep and life by using CPAP therapy. 

Currently, improved CPAP devices Prisma Line from the new line of Weinmann – Loewenstein (Germany) have been developed . Their use allows the most effective and comfortable treatment of the entire spectrum of respiratory disorders in patients with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome.  

It is recommended to choose the best remedy for snoring with the participation of a somnologist. Only a knowledgeable specialist will be able to tell what caused the snoring, how serious the situation is and exactly how to act in order to breathe quietly and freely at night.   

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