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How and when can you get rid of snoring?

Casuistic and eerie snoring cures have occurred in America. In 1983 in Winthrop, Massachusetts, a man was tried for strangling his elderly neighbor in a hospital room who was snoring to keep him awake all night. Legendary shooter John Wesley Hardin was pissed off by a snoring man in a nearby room at the American House Hotel in Abilene, Texas. Without thinking twice, Hardin began firing his gun through the bedroom wall. The first shot woke the stranger, the second brought complete relief from snoring. 

To get rid of your own or someone else’s snoring, you should not use such unpleasant methods. We live in a civilized society and problems need to be addressed accordingly. The best way to solve the problem of snoring is to take the “snorer” for a consultation with a somnologist, so that he examines the person and prescribes effective treatment for him.  

If the patient has uncomplicated snoring, which is not accompanied by respiratory arrest during sleep, one can consider this method of getting rid of snoring as various options for surgical interventions on the soft palate and uvula. Many clinics offer laser and radio frequency interventions.  

Sometimes no operations are required. For example, getting rid of snoring or reducing its severity can occur with a decrease in body weight. An increase in weight by 10% from the initial one worsens breathing parameters by 40% -50%. Accordingly, losing weight significantly improves the situation. In some cases, with uncomplicated snoring, it is enough to become slimmer by 5-7% of the original weight.      

Situational reduction of snoring or getting rid of it is possible with the use of Asonor (Asonor) or another special drug. Anti-inflammatory, tonic, antiseptic components sometimes help a person to reduce the “noise” of his sleep.   

Stopping snoring can occur if you purchase and use the EXTRALOR intraoral device . It resembles a baby pacifier with a cup-shaped petal at the end that touches the tip of the tongue. According to the developers, the main mechanism of action of this device is to fix the tongue in a certain position and prevent resonant vibrations of the tongue and pharyngeal structures.  

There are other ways to get rid of snoring, which you can read more about on our website. Just remember: before trying to apply this or that method, it is better to consult a doctor. It will help you determine exactly which method, method or tool will be effective specifically for you. 

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