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Snoring treatments

Treatments for snoring depend on the underlying causes.  

Quite often, snoring appears or worsens with weight gain. In this case, the treatment will be weight loss.

Often snoring is noted in smokers. Smoking can lead to the development of snoring, causing increased production of mucus in the nasal cavity and throat, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the soft palate and pharynx due to exposure to the chemical components of cigarette smoke. Smoking cessation is the ideal treatment for this situation. 

Quite often, uncomplicated snoring occurs only when sleeping on the back. Position-dependent snoring is helped by methods that make it impossible for the patient to roll over on his back while sleeping (a tennis ball sewn into his nightwear is a good way to achieve this). 

It can be said that snoring is inherited. Rather, the anatomical prerequisite for the development of snoring is inherited in the form of a small lower jaw or, for example, an enlarged uvula. Different methods are recommended for the patient depending on what defect caused the snoring. Various intraoral devices can be used. The main mechanism of their action is the forward displacement of the lower jaw and, accordingly, an increase in the anteroposterior size of the pharynx. An often used method of treatment is surgery , for example, uvulotomy (removal of the uvula), uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (surgery on the soft palate), etc.    

When snoring is complicated by sleep apnea disease, the treatment is likely to be CPAP – the use of a machine that creates continuous positive airway pressure to prevent respiratory arrest. This snoring treatment is effective from the very first day of use . The patient stops snoring and stops breathing during sleep, he does not suffer from excruciating daytime sleepiness, his blood pressure normalizes, the risk of cardiovascular diseases decreases, etc.    

Currently, improved CPAP devices Prisma Line from the new line of Weinmann – Loewenstein (Germany) have been developed . Their use allows the most effective and comfortable treatment of the entire spectrum of respiratory disorders in patients with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome.  

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