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Etilaam 0.5mg, 1mg
Active ingredient: Etizolam

Description: Etilaam is a potent pharmaceutical synthetic drug that belongs to the group of antidepressants. The substance has a sedative effect and is used in the treatment of panic conditions and sleep disturbances. Etilaam is considered a pharmacy drug, however, it does not even require a prescription to purchase it. Etilaam is a drug used to treat panic attacks, mental disorders, neuroses, social phobia. The drug belongs to the group of tranquilizers prescribed for disruption of the central nervous system. Etilaam is often prescribed for the following symptoms: headache, sleep disturbance, panic attack, depressive disorder of varying severity, constant anxiety, back pain.

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Etilaam is a prescription only medicine that is widely used for the treatment of insomnia, anxiety and other conditions. Etilaam may be also called as Etizolam. This psychoactive substance is known to be used in Europe and Great Britain.

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Etilaam belongs to the group of the depressants that have an impact on the central nervous system. It is also able to bind to the brain receptors that result in a sedative and calm effect. It may have a similar action as Valium.

Main Action

Etilaam is a derivative called as thienodiazepine which is an analogue of benzodiazepine. The substance is quickly absorbed, and its elimination half life is 3-4 hours. As it is quickly metabolized, the accumulation risk is rather low. Etizolam is an agonist at the GABA receptors.

This medical product also shows an anxiolytic action that is by 5 times higher than diazepam. According to the medical tests, Etilaam reduces the period of falling asleep, it means that it helps to fall asleep faster. The sleep will be calmer with the pills.

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Also, there are some results in the treatment of the anxiety, as it gives the sedative effects. The action of Etilaam is similar to tricyclic antidepressants. The clinical trials still take place, as this medicine is not yet available in many countries.

The proper administration of Etilaan may help to cope with tiredness and irritation.


Etilaam is released in tablets and powder. It means that it may be used orally and sublingually. The tablets come in the doses of 1 mg and 2 mg. Etilaam are blue coated pills. The color of the pills may differ depending on the manufacture of the pills.

Only doctor may tell you the correct dosage for your diagnosis. Any pill should be taken with enough water. The sublingual type of the drug suggests a dissolving under the tongue.

Do not take the double dose, if you forgot to take the drug.

Enzymes which mediate biotransformation of anxiolytic benzodiazepines
SubstrateEnzymes mediating biotransformation
BromazepamNot established
ChlordesmethyldiazepamCYP3A (also CYP2C19)
ChlordiazepoxideNot established
ClotiazepamCYP3A (also CYP2B6)
DiazepamCYP3A (also CYP2C19)
LorazepamGlucuronyl transferase
OxazepamGlucuronyl transferase


Due to the essential sedative effect Etilaam will reduce anxiety, make your sleep calmer and healthier, bring some relaxation, and will help to overcome some stressful situations. It may also be prescribed for panic disorders. Only proper and correct administration of the drug will result in positive experience. It is all individual as the body may have various reaction to the treatment.

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Any medication may have both positive and negative consequences. Some of the treatments may be long-lasting (for example, the treatment of anxiety). And so the long-lasting use of Etizolam may result in a drug addiction. Just like all benzodiazepines, the uncontrolled usage of the drug may cause withdrawal symptoms. It is better to stick to the prescribed dosage and take the medicine as long as the doctor said.

Side Effects

According to the medical tests, Etizolam is mainly well tolerated. However, there are still cases of negative reactions of the body. The most common side effects are headache, sleepiness, nausea, low heart rate, dry mouth, poor appetite, and others.

The overdose may lead to depression, drug abuse, and short term memory loss. In case of any bad effects happening after the use of the drug, seek for medical aid right away.

Cross-Reactivity with PBS Buffer and Blank Blood Calibrators
Calibrators in PBS buffer,
% cross-reactivity
(n = 4)
Calibrators in blank blood,
% cross-reactivity
(n = 4)


  • Etizolam is metabolized by the liver, so patients with liver failure should not take the drug.
  • People with severe chronic obstructive airway disease should also avoid taking benzodiazepine, as they may develop hypothermia.
  • Do not take the medicine with alcohol.
  • People with addiction to benzodiazepine must not take Etizolam.
  • Pregnant women should not take Etizolam.
  • Avoid driving after the use of the dose of Etilaam. This is sedative medication, and so you may fall asleep while driving.
  • Do not take double doses at once. It will not fasten the treatment.


Dave, 38 y.o.
I have been working online since the beginning of pandemia. And I am still working remotely. Due to this stressful situation, I stopped sleeping well. At first, I slept for 6 hours. I had rather tumultuous dream. But then I could not sleep at all. I just worked at night as well. Then I felt tired and nervous. I went to a doctor. He said I have insomnia. As I was exhausted, he prescribed me etilaam for good sleeping. I took the pills by doctor’s recommendations. My second pack of the pills I ordered here. The price was rather fair. Got the pills on time. Thank you!

Julie, 45 y.o.
I have been struggling with anxiety for 6 months now. Yes, this damn thing is rather exhausting. At first, I tried to cope with it on my own. But when my children told me that they don’t wanna have such mean mom. I went to the doctor and got etizolam prescribed. I googled it, and found your website. I liked the simple design of the website. So I ordered the pills here. I have been taking the pills for 2 weeks now. And my children are happy with me!

Your prices are the best! They are the lowest, and I know that you deliver the pills from the reliable places. Good to know that I have choices now and can order as many pills as needed. No problems at all! You deserve 5 stars! Thanks!

By: Dr. Seniha Inan

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