Any successful service should response quickly to any request of a customer. It is polite, respectful, and just a simple policy of a company. We have adjusted our system of client interaction. It gives customers a possibility to reach us at any time to solve any issues.

Please find a simple feedback form on the website. Some your data should be entered, i.e. name, email address, and your question. Due to our balanced system, all messages and requests are processed within 48 hours (but in most cases the answer will be sent faster).

Alive Relationship

We do not use any special software, that will generate a random answer to our customer’s questions. We read all messages, and always answer at length. We want to be as useful, as possible for customers.

Just describe your problem in the field below, you may even tell your order number, and wait for our email with detailed answer.

Moreover, we are open for your suggestions and ideas how to improve our services. If you want to use our affiliate program, let us know. We will send you our terms, and tell about our privacy policy.

Let’s be open with each other! As all of us are able to create good and useful platforms in order to avoid unfair and extra high prices in the pharmacies.

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