When my order will be arrived?

It depends on a transportation company you have selected during the order. The package mostly arrives in 4 weeks.

Do you ask for a prescription?

We do not need any copies of your prescription.

What dose is right for me?

We highly recommend to consult a physician before taking any medication. Only a professional may specify a correct dosage for your clinical case.

Do you accept cash?

No, we do not.

How to pay for the order?

We accept international payment system cards. These are MasterCard, and Visa. We may also accept e-currencies.

How many pills may I buy?

We do not have any limits. You may order as many pills as you need for your treatment. Ordering more than 60 pills, we will send 30 pills at a time, so you have to expect two packages.

Who may place an order?

Any adult person (at the age of more than 18) may place an order on our website.

What to do if I cannot pay for the order?

There are several reasons: you do not have enough sum on your card, so make sure you have enough money. Your bank may block the payment for the online products, contact your bank.

Is your shipment international?

Yes, the shipment is international.

Should I pay any taxes or fees?

We are not responsible for additional fees that your country may indicate. You may read additional information about the requirements for the online shopping in your country.

What products do you offer?

Please, go to the main page and look through the list of the offered products. All products are licensed.

Can I track my order?

Yes, a tracking number will be sent to your email.

Why do you offer such low prices?

We work directly with the suppliers of products, and we do not use additional services of other distributors or companies. Also, we work online, and it means we do not need additional offices for our team. That is why we are able to offer clear and fair prices that are low.

Is registration needed on your website?

It is not obligatory. If you are planning to order products from time to time, you may register on the website and follow your order details. In any case, there is an option of the fast order without any registration.

How to contact you?

If you have any questions, go to Contact Us page and use a special feedback field. Enter your name and email address, and also your questions. We will reply within 48 hours.

Do you have discounts?

Our regular customers have 10% off for the second orders. There are also special offers during holidays.

Do you sell Generic Products?

Yes, some of our products are Generic. They are produced in India. But it does not mean they have a poor quality. Generic product is a product that has the same chemical formula but it is for sale under different brand name.

How do you pack the orders?

We use solid and quality packing materials. Our employees use respiratory protective devices and gloves. The pills are packed in safe envelopes.

Do you sell outdated products?

Every product is carefully checked before packing and dispatching it to a customer. Outdated products are utilized in a good manner.

How to keep products?

Please, see insert that comes with each product. Some products need special storage conditions.

What to do if the package has not been delivered on time?

It you did not receive the order in more than 5 weeks, please let us know. Your package may be lost, or sent to a wrong address. We will return your money, or send another package.

How to cancel the order?

The order may be canceled within 15 minutes after you have placed it. Then we prepare the package for dispatching. If you changed your mind before receiving a notification that your package has been sent, you may cancel the order on the website.

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