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Joseph Sciammarella, MD, CAc; Medical Acupuncture
Joseph Sciammarella, MD Medical Acupuncture Guided Imagery 230 Hilton Avenue, Suite 213 Hempstead, NY 11550 Phone: (516) 485-6667; Physician Acupuncture; Member, American Academy of Medical Acupuncture

Inner Radiance Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Counseling and Past Life Regressions
Tucson, AZ Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Hypnotherapist, offering Usui Reiki sessions and training, Sacred Feminine workshops, Spiritual Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regressions, Spiritual Counseling, and Reiki training for healthcare professionals.

Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine at Sino Medica .
Sino Medica provides health care based on acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal medicine. As a complementary therapy, Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine has shown greatest potential in the areas where modern medicine is less able to help, or where side-effects caused by the powerful drugs are the main concern.

AcuHealth of Worcester Entry Page
AcuHealth of Worcester Entry Page

Welcome to Traditional Acupuncture Associates
Traditional Acupuncture Associates, provider of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine related services, is dedicated to meeting individual health care needs with comprehensive diagnosis and therapy. Our specialties include herbal medicine, pain management and chronic and acute illness.

Modern and Ancient Sciences of Healing
Modern and Ancient Sciences of Healing

A Universal Touch.
The word Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy. It is defined as being that power which acts and lives in all created manner.

California Chiropractic Association.
Chiropractic is a health care discipline which emphasizes the inherent recuperative power of the body to heal itself without drugs or surgery.

About Pat Cougar, R.N. Reiki Master - Reiki Energy Healing and Instruction
Reiki Energy Healing, and Reiki Energy Healing classes with Pat Cougar RN Reiki Master

Batchelor Chiropractic Clinic, Serving Boone North Carolina and the surrounding areas. Chiropractic care and Acupuncture for pain and injuries to the neck, back and spine from car, sports and natural injury
Batchelor Chiropractic Clinic, Chiropactic care and Acupuncture we will be happy to help you with injuries to the neck, back and spine from car, sports and natural injury. Serving Boone and Jefferson North Carolina and the surrounding areas.

Retrac Hypnotherapy Centre
Retrac for Professional Hypnotherapy, Hypno Analysis and Psychotherapy in Birmingham and Solihull, UK,

Traditional Chinese Medicines
Award-winning Traditional Chinese Medicines site founded in 1998. Hosted by internationally acclaimed author, herbalist and lecturer Carlos Guerra,MAc,MFT,CCHS. View our products with confidence. Your health is our principal concern.

TCM NATURAL HEALTH CENTER Acupuncture & Oriental Herb
TCM NATURAL HEALTH CENTER Acupuncture & Oriental Herb

Acupuncture Facelift And Oriental Medicine in La Crescenta CA, by Anahit Derian
Acupuncture Facelift And Oriental Medicine in La Crescenta CA, by Anahit Derian

Huang s Acupuncture Clinic
Everything you wanted to know about Acupunture and Chinese Medicine.

Mark J. Schreiber, M.Ac., L.Ac.
An Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine practice in Seattle and Bellevue, Washington.

Welcome to MemphisAcupuncture.com™!
The Mid-South's internet resource for natural therapies and complementary healing.

MusicVisions, LLC
MusicVisions, LLC

This is ACUPUNCTURE-PLUS.com Where people feel better!
This is ACUPUNCTURE-PLUS.com Where people feel better!

Pacific Natural Medicine
Services covered by almost all insurances include acupuncture, herbal medicine.

WellBeing Reiki and Massage Therapy, LLC
Jim Moran Reiki Master and Practitioner

Missouri Reiki
Missouri Reiki

Reiki Light
Reiki Light

High Touch Healing Arts - Reiki Healing
High Touch Healing Arts offers Reiki, distant healing and healing instruction as well aromatherapy and wedding ceremonies and astrology services.

Universal Tao School Malvern
Founder of the Meridian Qi System of Acupuncture offering acupuncture, CNT massage, psychotherapy and journey process therapy, Taijiquan, Master Mantak Chias Healing Tao system of Internal Energy work

American Reiki Institute offers training in Reiki as well as other energetic healing modalities throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Anastasia Therapies
A website dedicated to complimentry therapies, colour, crystal, magnetic, sound and spiritual healing available. Body, mind and spirit workshops available, also Tarot readings and shows.

Brighton Hypnotherapy
Brighton Hypnotherapy

Osteopathy and Sports Injuries.
Registered with the General Osteopathy Council.

Subtle Wind Reiki
This is a site for healing and growth.

Atlanta Reiki
Atlanta Reiki

Acupuncture And Oriental Arts: We use acupuncture, chinese herbs, massage, Reiki, life-style counseling, integrative chakra acupuncture to treat acute and chronic pain and illness, sports injuries, headaches, hypertension, depression, stress, etc.

Practitioner Directory - Acupuncture to Aromatherapy
Directory of holistic practitioners in Austin, Texas. Practices: A


Qualified Hypnotherapist Terry Didcott, Registered Practice in Dagenham, Essex can help resolve many personal, emotional and psychological problems.

Carolyn Roberts Complementary Therapist..Reflexology and Aromatherapy treatments, courses and workshops

Chen Acupuncture
Yongshu Chen, an acupuncturist and herbalist from China.

Chiropractic Arts Center of Morton Grove
Chiropractic Arts Center of Morton Grove now serves Greater Chicago, Skokie, Rosemont, Des Plains and Evanston with Chiropractic care, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Massage Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Kundalini Yoga.

Choosehealing - Integrated Healing for the Mind, Body and Spirit
When you choose healing, healing begins, and whether we are teaching or giving Usui, KarunaTM or Traditional Japanese Reiki or holding one-to-one sessions in hypnotherapy, hypnohealing and counselling, we are committed to bringing together our broad experience of psychology, mental health nursing, various psychotherapeutic and metaphysical approaches to facilitate your individual journey, to help you empower yourself towards self-mastery

Doctor s Choice Health Care Center: Massage & Acupuncture Services. Massage tables, lotions, soaps and more
Please come and see our massage and health care products as well as our massage and acupuncture services.

The Craniosacral Therapy Association of the UK index page
the craniosacral therapy association of the UK

Daphne Nancholas Homeopath - Well Women Health Care
Daphne Nancholas specialises in helping women with major changes in their cycle from puberty right through to Menopause.

Deep Down Wellness-Natural Solutions for health-gentle chiropractic,holistic health coaching
Get a Free Chiropractic Evaluation in Atlanta Georgia

The Bridge Street Clinic - Osteopathic & Homoeopathic Clinic
The Bridge Street Clinic, established since 1970, provides osteopathy, homoeopathy, hypnotherapy, massage and alternative therapies and treatments.

DoctorHicks.com - Online Video
DoctorHicks.com - Online Video

Light Touch Chiropractic - Deerfield Illinois - Dr Will Chiropractor
Dr. Will is a chiropractor that uses DNFT a non force form of chiropractic for the treatment of back pain, headaches and stress relief. The office is located in Deerfield, Illinois north of Chicago.

Dr. William Risley - Chiropractic Physician
Arizona Chiropractic Physician specializing in neuromusculoskeletal conditions with additional training in vertigo and other vestibular disorders

Acupuncture by Dr. Syn, Virginia
Dr. Syns Acupuncture, located in Fredericksburg & Annandale, Virginia uses constitutional acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and Oriental Medicine to treat illness - back or muscle pain, headaches, allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, GYN disorders etc.

Equisol Oriental Medicine Company
Equisol Oriental Medicine Company

Find help with bad dreams, nightmares, stagefright, stress, tension, relationships, sleep, tension, guilt, concentration and motivation in london.
Find help with bad dreams, alternative, complementary health nightmares, stagefright, stop stress, tension, relationships, relaxation, insomnia, better energy,writer¹s block, sleep, guilt, concentration and motivation in london.

ACP Counseling Professionals - Omaha, NE
ACP Counseling Professionals - Omaha, NE

Harmony Reiki
A Path to Healing and Health.

Homeopathy London
Deborah Eastham Homeopathy in Forest Hill, London, UK

By Luciana Simmons Reiki II

Pierce & Pierce Chiropractic Clinic
Welcome to Pierce and Pierce Chiropractic Clinic

Amy Anglin, Reiki Master -Mystic River Reiki
Amy Anglin, Reiki Master - Mystic River Reiki offers treatments, classes, and more. Learn more about this ancient Japanese healing technique.

Good News Chiropractic - Dr. Dennis R. Sullivan
Portland Oregon Chiropractor, Dr. Sullivan is Portlands back expert, offering Chiropractic Adjusting, Soft Tissue Manipulation, Nutritional Supplements, massage, Nimmo trigger point therapy, active muscle stretching, cross fiber friction, intermittent traction, herbals, and bio-available vitamins.

welcome to www.healing4u.com
welcome to www.healing4u.com

Herts & Essex Reiki
Herts & Essex Reiki

Homeopathy - the natural alternative in Bristol & Bath
Homeopathy - the natural alternative in Bristol and Bath. Homeopathy is a natural medicine which will improve your health and help to remove your illness without side-effects. Ed Mansell is a fully qualified homeopath in Bristol.

Hot Springs Enthusiast
Information on US Hot Springs, spring location info with links to topological maps, and related articles and links to sites of interest.

Acupuncuture - What We Treat
Acupuncuture - What We Treat

Quit Smoking, Weight loss hypnosis, Stress management
hypnosis self help tape & CDs for smoking, Weight loss, stress, birth, sexual health and self esteem personalised for you

The Center for Integrative Medicine : Chiropractic
The Center for Integrative Medicine at the George Washington University Medical Center is dedicated to creating a healing environment in which patients have access to a variety of complementary and alternative therapies to promote healing and wellness.

Jade Acupuncture is located in New York City. Pain management, chronic illnesses, general toning. Illness addressed, wellness reinforced. A vessel for healing and health as well as learning.

Family Chiropractic Centre in Kanata, Ontario
Family Chiropractic Centre in Kanata, Ontario

Welcome to Mayan Reiki, Sentient Temple
Mayan Reiki is the combination of two wonderful and powerful philosophies.

Eternal Health Acupuncture Center
Eternal Health Acupuncture Center practices acupuncture, acupressure, herbs, and massage according to traditional Chinese and modern methods. Doctor Zhou has over 17 years experience.

Hypnotherapy Training; Hypnosis Certification and Alchemical Hypnotherapy Training; Transformational Astrology
hypnotherapy training and certification,alchemical hypnotherapy training for soul growth and transformation,hypnotherapy training classes in Maui Hawaii

UK Online (on-line) Health Check by uk Nutritionist, Linda Barr Nutrition & Health Co
UK Online (on-line) Health Check by UK clinical nutritionists using Hair Mineral Analysis.

Welcome to One Hundred Waves
One Hundred Waves traditional Chinese medicine & Shiatsu Clinic, Minneapolis, Minnesota featuring Acupuncture, Acupresser, Shiatsu and more.

Reiki - Healing, Health and Relaxation UK
Everything you wanted to know about Reiki

Reiki Master Teacher
Accredited Reiki Master Teacher with the Guild of Complementary Practitioners .

Welcome to Reiki4Me
Welcome to Reiki4Me

The Reiki Center of Greater Washington
The Reiki Center of Greater Washington in Rockville, MD provides high-quality Reiki healing, training and speaking services in the Greater Washington, DC metro area and in Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Pennsylvania, and around the United States. We sponsor monthly Reiki Shares, chances for practitioners to receive and give sessions. We also carry a full line of Reiki and Massage tables.

Reiki Intuitive - Information on the healing art from a Reiki Master-Teacher
Reiki (Usui Shiki Ryoho) informational site. Extensive Reiki FAQ, information on classes and sessions, advanced Reiki discussion topics as well as links - including free distance healing requests and how to find a Practitioner in your area. Reiki Intuitive is run by a Master-Teacher in Longmont, Colorado, near Boulder.

Welcome to The Reiki Lady s WebSite
The Reiki Lady provides professional, experienced Reiki services in SouthWest Oklahoma. The Reiki Lady is located in Lawton, OK and will bring her services to nearby locations. At the WebSite learn about earning a scholarship to a Reiki class!

Reiki Wisconsin, USA: Arline Rowden - SEAS
Reiki Wisconsin, USA: Arline Rowden - SEAS

Remember To Breathe.
Remember To Breathe.

Rhodes Com
Rhodes Com

SALANDE-Chiropractic Clinic
We at Salande Chiropractic have had great success treating many conditions involving the neck, back, and spinal disc.

Savannah Chiropractic.
Chiropractic for Health and Life

Shiatsu in London
Shiatsu in London

TAO of Wellness - Traditional Chinese Medicine
We practice Traditional Chinese Medicine using acupuncture, massage and herbs following the traditions of Tao and Taoism.

The TARA Approach for the resolution of shock and trauma.
The TARA Approach for the Resolution of Shock and Trauma is a system for treating abuse, domestic violence, AIDS/HIV, illness and children using Jin Shin or Oriental medicine.

Virginia Institute of Chiropractic
Virginia Institute of Chiropractic

Comprehensive Health Care Systems of the Palm Beaches
Health Care Systems of the Palm Beaches - Dr. Fred Blumenfeld, Dr. Albert Jerome - West Palm Beach, FL 561-684-0710

Wholistic Health Works.
Utilizing Natural Techniques to Harmonize your Mind, Body & Spirit.

spiritseekers, offering alternative workshops, stress management, shamanic, music, relaxation, music cd sales of relaxing music, dating agency

Reiki Energy Healing and Psychic Mediumship Readings, with Reiki Master, Ernie Van Den Bossche
Fairfield Maine, receive reiki vibration energy healing treatment at home or absentee healing. Book a psychic medium, mediumship spiritual reading thru spirit guides.

Raven Head
Raven Head Organization.

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